Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment will I need?

You will need an two iPads, an iPad stand,  a Wi-Fi Access Point or Router. We recommend you review our Setup Guide and our Accessories page.

Where is the best place to mount the iPad?

You will need to mount the member facing iPad on the reception desk ensuring the camera is facing the member as they walk toward the desk.

Can I use multiple cameras?

Yes, NoahFace can support two cameras (with the same resolution). Customer recognition is performed on both video feeds simultaneously, and you can easily switch between the two views from the user interface as needed. You can use both the IPad camera and a 3rd party IP camera

Can I use my existing Wi-Fi Access Point / Router?

Yes, NoahFace will work with any Wi-Fi Access Point. To get the best recognition results we strongly recommend you use a Wi-Fi Access Point that supports 802.11n at 300Mbps, and you use a dedicated WiFi channel for NoahFace (so it is not competing with other uses).

Are there any privacy issues?

Firstly, it is important to note that with NoahFace, no video is permanently stored and an individual's name and details are only recorded if that customer opts in and you register that customer.

Secondly, you should keep in mind that customers are already being observed, both by security cameras and through the usage of their credit cards. The vast majority of people find the benefits of these observations (ie: increased security, relevant advertisements and offers, and personalised service) outweigh any privacy concerns they have.

Lastly and in detail, different laws apply in each country, and you should check your local laws before recording customer information. For example, in Australia, before recording customer information you must:

Where is the member data stored?

The member data is held locally on the iPad. We recommend that you enable iCloud backups to protect this valuable data.

Can I share my data across two or more iPads?

Not at this stage. We are working to provide this capability in a future release.