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NoahFace iPad Pro


You will need an iPad to run the NoahFace App. Your iPad can be Wifi only (cellular support is not needed) with minimal RAM (32Gb is sufficient). Your iPad should have the A9 chip or later to achieve good results (the current generation "New iPad" includes the A9 chip), and for optimal results or a large customer database we recommend the iPad Pro (which includes the A10X chip).

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NoahFace iPad Stand

iPad Stand

You will need an iPad stand to mount your iPad next to your Point of Sale (POS). The Twist Universal Lockable Tablet Stand can be attached to your counter with screws or double sided tape. It can be tilted as needed depending on the height of your counter, and your iPad can be locked in place with an optional lock.

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NoahFace Micro HD Camera


The small camera head of this covert camera can be mounted inconspicuously on the top of your iPad or Point of Sale (POS) terminal, while producing excellent quality video output. The 4mm lens provides a camera angle of 91 degrees, suitable for recognising customers standing approximately 0.5 to 2 meters from the camera head. The in-built Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology can compensate for variable back lighting.

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NoahFace Camera Mount

Camera Mount + Card Inserts

This camera mount allows you to attach the camera to the top of your iPad or Point of Sale (POS) terminal. The camera head sits snugly in the adjustable bracket, allowing you to rotate the head to the best possible angle. The included cards slot into the mount and are designed to draw your customer's eyes to the camera to facilitate higher recognition rates. Three different variations of the mount are available to support mounting cameras with and without card inserts, and to support dual cameras.

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NoahFace WiFi Access Point

Wifi Access Point (WAP)

You will need a Wifi Access Point (WAP) so NoahFace can fetch video from the IP Camera. If you have an existing WAP or wireless router you can re-use this, but the performance of your WAP is critical. To achieve good results, your WAP should support the 802.11n or 80211ac standard, and should have a dedicated channel for use with NoahFace.

We recommend the Ubiquiti Unifi AC Pro WAPs.

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NoahFace 4 Port POE Switch

4 Port POE Switch

The recommended IP Cameras and Wifi Access Point are powered by Power Over Ethernet (POE). If you don't already have a POE capable switch in place, a 4 Port POE Switch will enable you to connect your WAP and up to 2 cameras (into a single powerpoint), and to connect all of the equipment into your existing Internet router. Your switch should support at least 100Mbps.

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