Setup Guide "Shifts"


This guide steps you through everything you need to know about setting up NoahFace Shift in your business.

Getting Started

  • Selecting and Installing iPads
  • Connecting to your WIFI
  • Purchasing a Subscription
  • Connecting your Video

Business Display

  • Customer Detection
  • Welcome Messages and Fun Content
  • Displaying Promotions

Cafe Specific Setup

  • Loyalty System Setup
  • Menu Configuration
  • Point of Sale Integration

Recognition Tuning

  • Employee Face Detection
  • Employee Face Recognition
  • Performance Tuning

Getting Started

Selecting and Installing iPads

A minimum spec 9.7 inch iPad (32 Gb with Wifi only) is adequate for small business with less than 500 staff where all staff data is being stored on one Ipad.

The iPad needs to be mounted in a position where all staff can see the screen while clocking in or out. It can be wall mounted and desk mounted in a convenient position in the business.

We recommended iPad stands from Studio Proper.

Connecting to your WIFI

Your iPads will need to be connected to your WIFI so that that the logged data can be retrieved remotely or exported via email.

Under normal operation, NoahFace does not need or use an Internet connection. However, you do need an internet connection for:

  • Installation of NoahFace.
  • Purchasing of subscriptions.
  • Backing up your data to iCloud.
  • Integration with cloud based storage of data.

Selecting a Subscription

When you first install NoahFace, you will be running with a trial license. This lets you experience the NoahFace functionality including rostering with up to 5 staff.

To add more than 5 staff, you need to purchase a subscription from the Subscription page.

You will need an Apple ID with a credit card linked to it to purchase a subscription

Settings "Option"

Company Logo

Your can load your own company logo and message through the settings icon

Click on the "Home Screen" and locate your image/movie which will display on the home screen

Site Name

Type the site name of the business if you multiple site

Unplanned Shifts

Activate unplanned if desired On/Off

Allow Breaks

Switch to, Never, 1 hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours, 4 Hours

Biometric Storage

Option are: Required, Opt-In, Opt-Out

We recommend "Required"

Identity Confirmation

Options are: None, Employee Number, Manager PIN



Adjust as required depending ambient light so the staff faces have good clarity.

Detect Rotated Faces

Turn on if you want the face to be detected even if employee is not loking directly at cammera. Does slow detection speed slightly. We recommend "Off"

Detection/Matching Threshold

Face Matching is the process of comparing a face detected in the video with all of the faces in the employee database. You can tune Face Detection and Matching. 

The Matching Threshold should be thought of as how certain you need to be of a match before displaying their name and adding them to the queue. Typically you want this set at over 99%, so you minimise the possibility of identifying the wrong customer (this situation is called a “false positive”)

We recommend the match be set to "Very High"

We recommend "detection' to medium