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NoahFace Facial Recognition is focused on applying facial recognition technology to improve customer service and streamline business activities.


The NoahFace technology was conceived in 2015 to help a busy Sydney café owner address regular customers by their first name and remember their preferred coffee orders. After 18 months of prototyping and stress testing in a production environment, and seeing large improvements in customer loyalty and profitability result, Noah Facial Recognition was launched.

NoahFace Cafe was the first App to employ facial recognition for customer service, empowering cafe managers and staff to consistently provide memorable customer service.

NoahFace Shift was the first App to employ facial recognition for time and attendance, providing the fastest and most accurate way for shift workers to record their time worked.

NoahFace Access was the first App to employ facial recognition to open doors, eliminating the need for access cards to provide security, safety, and convenience.


NoahFace Facial Recognition holds the following licenses:

NSW Security Master License number: 000104025

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