NoahFace has huge potential for so many industries...

NoahFace can be tailored to any customer facing industries. Whether it’s a large corporation with multiple locations or smaller business with multiple serving points.

Airport Check-In & Lounges
Identify International Frequent Flyers as they approach the check-In or lounge and address them by name streamlining check-in process and confirmation of special requirements.

Hotels & Resort Networks
Hotel Reception can quickly identify regular guests and their preferences wherever they may be in the hotel/resort network.

Clubs / Bottle shops

Identify members at the front desk by removing the need to sign in or show a member card. Alert security to unwelcome or troublesome guests.

Banking & Finance
The ability to identify high value customers (e.g. those seeking a new mortgage application) and give them a more personalised experience.

Luxury Goods
Personalised customer service is paramount to success in the luxury goods market.

Retail & Grocery
Removes the need for customers to carry a loyalty card as their purchase is automatically recognised at the check-out.

Shopping Centres

Foot traffic data can be used to influence behaviour along the path to purchase.

Hair Salons & Other Services Outlets

Enables a consistent personal service in industries with high turnover staff.

Childcare Centres

Enables quick identification at childcare centres to streamline the pickup/drop-off procedure as well as provide additional security for the children.

Medical Centres
Streamline the administration process and reduce waiting

Luxury Residential buildings
Noahface makes elevator/lifts security seamless for residents and other authorised persons, including onsite concierge, building management, rental estate agents.

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